At Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

At Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

Since April 2014, I have been a project scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in the Climate & Global Dynamics Laboratory. My NCAR staff website may be found here.
You can also follow me on Twitter at @slgstevenson.


About Me:
Until June 2017, I am splitting my time between my NCAR projects and an NSF Ocean Sciences postdoctoral fellowship, through the University of Hawaii's Department of Oceanography.

I did my PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder, in the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (ATOC) department. I moved to Hawaii in January 2012, and was based at the International Pacific Research Center until summer 2013 when I moved to the Oceanography department to take the NSF postdoctoral position.

What I do:
I am interested in the climate of the tropical Pacific: how it has varied in the past, how it responds to natural and human-induced perturbations, and the implications for hydrological variability (droughts, floods) in arid regions throughout the world. I work a great deal on improving methods for evaluating processes in climate models using paleoclimate information, especially using marine proxies like tropical corals.

Information on my current research projects, presentations, and publications are available in these pages. Also please feel free to contact me.